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Sanctuary Books LLC has, to date, published three books, each made in the U.S.A. by Meridian Printing.

Our first book, released in 2004 was photographer Matt Weber's monograph, The Urban Prisoner. For Weber, it was also a first book. Ben Lifson, author of The Man in the Crowd: The Uneasy Streets of Garry Winogrand, among other works, provided an introduction. Weber first started taking photographs while working as a NYC taxi driver. He soon discovered that the idea of seeing something and recording it was really what he'd been doing all along, mentally framing shots as he drove around town on twelve hour shifts. Gradually his confidence began to build, and he began to see himself as a photographer with a taxi, rather than a cabbie with a camera.

Although Weber's book can be viewed as a revival of classic street photography, as Lifson points out in his introduction, "he works at being nobody but himself." Images go from despairing to hopeful, alarming to mundane, but are never contrived, moments which appeared on their own, rather than being orchestrated to achieve their effect. "His strongest pictures have no minor subjects or incidental matter and thus achieve a seamless coherence of subject and context."

Payment for trade and deluxe editions may be sent to us directly in the form of check or money order (payable to Sanctuary Books). Our mailing address is: Sanctuary Books, P.O. Box 1623, New York, NY 10028. Shipping and handling is $8 for the first book, $2 on any additional copies. NYS residents must add 8.875% sales tax. Those wishing to pay with a credit card may do so through paypal or through, or by calling or emailing us directly. We trust you will be amazed by this extraordinary collection of photographs.

2000 copies, available in both trade and slipcased editions.
Slipcased edition limited to 200 copies, complete with an original 8 X 10 print.

Trade edition: $60. Slipcased edition: $300.

For more examples of Matt Weber's work, please visit:

Our second book, A Vegetable Collection: Recipes and Rhymes to Conquer Kids of All Ages, by Dorothy Perillo Linder, was published in 2008. Images and an introduction to this little jewel of a book can be viewed at:

Our most recent book, Strange and Wonderful. An Informal Visual History of Manuscript Books and Albums, with an introduction by Jed Perl, arrives in the Spring of 2010. Designed by Fabio Cutro (who also designed A Vegetable Collection), this full color coffee table book is sure to delight and inspire. A website: is currently in the works.